About Christianna Morgan



Welcome to Viewpoint Parenting! I started this practice after years of working directly with children because when parents do better, children excel. Children’s mental health and behavior is directly impacted by how well the adults in their lives are functioning. Parenting is complicated and sometimes even the best intentions don’t net ideal results. And what happens when there is tension between the adults? Parenting is even more challenging.

Where did you learn about parenting? Chances are, you were not taught. And the sheer number of parenting books and websites show that even the “experts” don’t agree on how to parent. I understand how personal parenting can be, how challenging it is to parent when so much conflicting advice exists.

If you are struggling as a parent, please reach out.

I will work with you to understand your parenting goals and values. Together we will create a plan to dismantle the obstacles that prevent you from feeling successful as a parent. Whether you have a specific struggle in mind (such as solving bedtime or screen time battles) or you are frustrated by bigger-picture stressors (such as not getting along with your co-parent), I can help.

What makes me different from other parent coaches or therapists?

  • I have years of training and experience in child development, counseling children and families, and mediation.
  • In addition to Viewpoint Parenting, I am an elementary school counselor. I see every day how children respond and thrive to various styles of parenting.
  • I skillfully help parents understand the short-term and long-term impacts of their parenting choices on their child.

All parents want what is best for their children, and it can be difficult to stick by a parenting decision that your children dislike. Let me help you find the balance between what works for you as the parent and what is acceptable to your child as we make changes to your parenting in order to develop a happier, healthier relationship with your child.

I received my Masters in Clinical Mental Health, School & Community from Lesley University in 2008. I am a Licensed Social Worker, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Licensed School Guidance Counselor (PreK-Gr8) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Please explore the website, and contact me with any questions.

~Christianna Morgan, MA, LSW, LMHC