Is Your Marriage Ending?

Your marriage is ending, but your partnership is not . . . .

Deciding to divorce when you have children brings up many feelings and questions. You may be experiencing grief, sadness, confusion, and worry–especially about how to tell the children and how to support them during and after the divorce process. How can you prepare the children for a new life when you don’t know what to expect? You’ve heard the worst thing to do is to put children in the middle, but what does that mean, exactly?

It is possible to end a marriage with respect, peace, and in a way that protects the health and well-being of the children.  And it is possible for children to thrive in two homes.

Divorce Mediation for Parents is a process that allows you to create the terms of your divorce and separation agreement amicably. I can help you reach agreement on all topics required to divorce in Massachusetts. As a neutral party, I am focused on helping you decide what is best for your family as you work through issues such as parenting time, division of assets, children’s education and activities, custody, future planning, and more.

Since divorce mediators assist couples in reaching an amicable divorce agreement in less time and at lower cost than other methods, such as litigation, divorce mediation is a good choice for many divorcing couples. And for divorcing couples with children, hiring a mediator with expertise in healing relationships and child development means you will also reach an amicable divorce agreement with less anxiety over the impact on your children.

Even though you are ending your marriage, as parents you will always be partners. It makes sense to partner through the divorce as you redefine your relationship to each other. Divorce Mediation for Parents will help you keep your love for you children front and center while you work out all of the other issues required by the court system in Massachusetts.

I co-mediate with a leading mediation firm and a family attorney to guide you through the divorce process from start to finish. From initial paperwork to the finalization of the divorce, I am here to support you.

Additionally, parents who have chosen divorce mediation with me will be eligible for one year of Co-Parenting After Divorce services at a reduced fee.

Choose mediation over litigation–your children will thank you!