For You & Your Ex

Co-Parenting After Divorce because your marriage is over, but your relationship isn’t. . .

Co-parenting with your ex is the lingering pain of divorce. Whether your divorce is recent or occurred years ago, raising children together guarantees you will need to coordinate and communicate with the other parent.  The unexpected and unplanned will arise because as children grow, their needs change. It can be stressful to renegotiate conditions with your ex, especially if you have different parenting values and philosophies or if you still feel resentful about the divorce. And when your ex begins a new relationship, there’s another adult involved with your children.

Co-Parenting After Divorce services can help ease the stress and anxiety of parenting with an ex. As a neutral party focused on the emotional health, well-being, and development of the children, I can help you reach new agreements respectfully and confidently. Your children deserve parents who can come together for the most important cause–them.

Co-Parenting After Divorce can help if:

  • You notice behavioral changes in your child
  • You are experiencing a life transition that impacts your child
  • You want to make an adjustment to your parenting agreement
  • You and your ex get along, but your parenting differences are causing stress or confusion
  • You and your ex do not get along and you worry it is impacting your child                …….. and more!

Parenting with your ex can be cordial and even fun!

The benefits of divorced couples who successfully co-parent with me are:

  • A focus on child development and health
  • Parenting plans with the children’s best interests at heart
  • Strategies for positive communication you can use in all future interactions
  • A path towards compromise that supports both parents
  • Virtual meetings, so you do not need to be in the same space

Communication breakdowns interfere with effective parenting and it is the children who suffer. Don’t let this happen to your family. Reach out today for a complimentary consult.

And if you are considering divorce, please visit Divorce Mediation for Parents. Divorce Mediation is a collaborative, family-focused divorce process.